The Daily Caller Bought My Photo so I’m Done with Shutterstock

My name is Joe Frazier and I have been documenting protests, community actions and progressive causes in Portland, Oregon, for the past three years. Like a lot of news photographers, I joined a stock photo site for the exposure and the chance that my photographs might find an audience bigger than I had previously. After consulting with some producers in progressive media and nonprofit organizations, I decided on Shutterstock. I knew I didn’t have any control over who licensed my photos, but some did get picked up by websites including LGBTQ Nation and Patch.

After six months on the platform, I have decided to break up with Shutterstock. Why? My pictures are being picked up by alt-right blogs and fascist propaganda machines. Yesterday, I discovered my photo on The Daily Caller.

One of the reasons I became a photographer was to showcase local causes and rallies that don’t get much attention from large news outlets. I want to provide timely, quality coverage to independent media outlets that don’t have the budget to send photographers to every protest, not to help Tucker Carlson’s right-wing partisan news site get more clicks.

Other examples were much less tame.

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