Shirley Chisholm, forthright and stoic, with one finger raised to make a point. A small bird flits in to a stadium and lands on Bernie Sanders’ podium at a Portland rally. President Obama bends to allow a child to touch his hair. What do these famous political photos have in common? None of them were staged. These were moments that defined these politicians, their whole selves on display, and we only get to enjoy them because the cameras were rolling.
In modern campaigns, the demand for high-quality photographs of candidates has never been higher, but meanwhile the image of them is becoming more and more constrained. To navigate these competing trends, you need a skilled photographer who is a political specialist who can capture the best in your candidate.
Our photographer:

  1. Knows how photos of your candidate will “play” based on who they are with and what they’re doing.
  2. Produces shots that feel natural and genuine, and speak to diverse audiences.
  3. Can identify and swiftly take opportunities to capture career-defining human moments, when they happen.

Put a face on your candidate that you’d be proud to share on Instagram.

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